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Theo has always been close with his next-door neighbors, the Min sisters. But what happens when they decide to get… even closer?

Close as Neighbors or Neighbor Cousins is Manga written by Semni. The genre of this Manga includes Adult, Comedy, Harem and Seinen. The plot revolves around 3 main characters: Theo and his next door neighbours, the Min sisters.

Complicated State of The Plot 

Close as Neighbors
Close as Neighbors

The plot thickness grows among the three characters, and they decided to get closer. A ( Manhwa neighbor cousins story lane always be like that. It just works in its own ways. The plot is even more complicated and creates confusion in the neighbor cousins Manga. most of the time is not evenly as satisfying as according to the expectations.

At the starting point, It seems to look like a cheery and sweet path, but afterwards but the plot twists too much, the author also forget how to untwist it back to make it for a good ending.

So he gives the audience a very bad ending and just leaves them hanging. Either of the two is not satisfied or it is quite unfair with the audience, without not certain end. The audience has invested too much time with manga.

Every year, the people describe the new list about the adult manhwa like neighbor cousins and manga comics, which come with the broken record along with the fame. There are some of the series that made a hit list and become of the cause of lots of sales.

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Suitable For Mature Age Group

close as neighbors full free manga

close as neighbors full free manga has been categorized in the “Adult Manhwa“and suitable for the people under the age of 18. It may contain violence, mature content, strong language, blood and gore. Both are engaged to each other the elementary school days.

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  • close as neighbors full free manga