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For Official Anime Merchandise, please visit: English Full Episode Playlist: : 简体中文字幕播放清单: The Helpful Fox Senko-san 请让我撒娇,仙狐大人! =========== Episode 01: "I'm Going to Pamper Him to His Heart's Content!" Episode Summary : Nakano, a salaryman working at an exploitative company, was living his days with total exhaustion. One day, after exhausting himself yet again with another overwork, he went home only to find the lights in his apartment turned on. Curious, he opened the door, and found a girl with fox ears and a fox tail cooking warm food in the kitchen. She called herself "Senko", a demi-fox who boasted to have lived for 800 years. With her sudden appearance, Nakano couldn't hide his confusion. Senko said she had come to look after Nakano, but was that really the case...? =========== Free Anime Streaming Online on Muse Asia Channel! Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you won't miss the latest Anime! For more information, connect with us on: Website: Instagram: @musesg_ Youtube: #TheHelpfulFoxSenkosan #世話やきキツネの仙狐さん #SewayakiKitsunenoSenkosan #Romance #Businessman #fox #fluffy #仙狐 #中野玄人 #シロ #和氣杏未 #諏訪部順一 #內田真禮 #DogaKobo #free #anime #museasia #musesg


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