SELECTION PROJECT 第01集【Only one yell】【中字】

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For Official Anime Merchandise, please visit: English Full Episode Playlist: 简体中文字幕播放清单: SELECTION PROJECT =========== 第01集 : Only one yell 剧情大纲 : 梦想成为偶像的国中生・美山铃音参加超人气偶像征选实境秀“SELECTION PROJECT”一路过关斩将,终于要面对全国预选的决赛了。铃音的挑战现在揭开序幕! =========== 2021 autumn anime ongoing! *。☆Weekly Updates at 22:00 every Friday ☆。*゚ Free Anime Streaming Online on Muse Asia Channel! Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you won't miss the latest Anime! For more information, connect with us on: Website: Instagram: @musesg_ Youtube: #SelectionProject #セレプロ #Idol #美山鈴音 #花野井玲那 #濱栗廣海 #早見沙織 #小野大輔 #南雲希美 #DogaKobo #KADOKAWA #free #anime #museasia #musesg


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